My name is Cody Scott Robinson, and I love things. I'm 20 years old and live in the city of league city, which has little for entertainment. Here, it's either have a car to go everywhere, or sit around on tumblr. Which is why I'm here I guess. I'm all for cute-ness and pretty men. I love tattoos and piercings. I have down-sized from thirteen piercings to 4. i have a tattoo of Saturn, inch in diameter. I am once again lost in the vast troubles of what to do with my life. Maybe I'll find out in time for college. I love apple, and I love nintendo. And lady gaga, she's more than her music and nudity to me. She's a person with artistic ability beyond...well, stuff. God, this looks like an about me on Facebook, doesn't it? Uhhh. Hmm. Talk to me? Ask how.


entered a taco bell while sober fr the first time in my entire life… look at this color scheme…. i had no idea it was so beautiful in there…….. im very inspired by this

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Am I doing this right

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first date looks


first date looks

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assuming shes average height. her boobs appear to be about 1/3 her torso and average torso of a female being 22.6” her boobs are about 7.5” long. a foot is 12 inches. theyre moving at 5,600ft aka 67200 inches a second. her boobs are flopping 8960 times a second.

8960 flops per second would result in the shockwaves from her breasts emitting an 8960 Hz tone, which is actually a very shrill noise within the range of human hearing. You can enter 8960 into this website to hear an audio sample of what her breast-tone would approximately sound like


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nicki and ciara going shopping as sims

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It’s me, I’m the universe

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hold on guys i have to take this


hold on guys i have to take this

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